I just had to go and thumb my nose at fate. Not two hours after I posted that thing about the joys of owning chickens and how we haven’t lost a single one yet, a fox stopped by our front Read more…

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in the news.

fakin’ it.

And another example of people making up stuff to make themselves look like war heroes. What kind of kills me about this one is that the guy served honorably in the MN National Guard, and was actually deployed to Afghanistan Read more…

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intertubes flotsam.

If you’re a libertarian-leaning female, and you don’t wear this wookiee dress to the polls come November, you are wasting your vote.

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fountain pens.


A fountain pen works via capillary action. It has a roughly leaf-shaped nib that sits on a feed which is connected via channels to the ink supply. Ink will flow out of the supply, through the channels, and then to Read more…

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