wild cards I-V, now as ebooks.

The Wild Cards world is an alternate history universe created and edited by George R. R. Martin. It’s a gritty and grungy take on the superhero genre. I don’t usually play in other peoples’ creative playgrounds, but I absolutely could not refuse to be part of this one, because it’s SO MUCH FUN. If you are […]

wild cards world.

Speaking of WILD CARDS–if you’re at all interested in this shared-universe series, you should check out the new Wild Cards World, which has information on all the characters, writers, and books of the Wild Cards universe. I feel incredibly privileged to be a part of this project. There are a lot of awesome writers in […]

low chicago.

George R.R.Martin announced on his Not A Blog that LOW CHICAGO, the 25th Wild Cards volume, has been sent off to the publisher, Tor. As I may have mentioned, oh, a hundred times or so, I have a novella in that volume. It’s called “Stripes”, and it features my character Khan, who is a very […]

deployed military personnel, LISTEN UP!

Hey, you! Are you a reader of the Frontlines series? Are you serving in the United States Armed Forces? Are you currently deployed overseas? If you can answer all three of those questions in the affirmative, SOUND OFF and send me an email to frontlines@markokloos.com. If you can send me a few words about you (keeping […]

NACDC flags, now in real life.

Here’s the first batch of flag patches made up by the NAC Defense Corps fan group for cosplay. The designer, Marc Gerst, came up with a super-clean flag design: two colors, and appropriate simple heraldry for the national NAC flag and the different branches of the NACDC.  Clockwise from top left, they are: NAC national flag, […]

cover reveal for fields of fire.

Frontlines #5, FIELDS OF FIRE, now has a cover. Want to see? SURE YOU DO. Pretty cool, eh? It’s the most explodey cover yet, which is cool because it also has the most explosions of any Frontlines book so far. FIELDS OF FIRE will be out on February 28, by the way. Tell your friends, […]