deployed military personnel, LISTEN UP!

Hey, you! Are you a reader of the Frontlines series? Are you serving in the United States Armed Forces? Are you currently deployed overseas? If you can answer all three of those questions in the affirmative, SOUND OFF and send me an email to If you can send me a few words about you (keeping […]

NACDC flags, now in real life.

Here’s the first batch of flag patches made up by the NAC Defense Corps fan group for cosplay. The designer, Marc Gerst, came up with a super-clean flag design: two colors, and appropriate simple heraldry for the national NAC flag and the different branches of the NACDC.  Clockwise from top left, they are: NAC national flag, […]

cover reveal for fields of fire.

Frontlines #5, FIELDS OF FIRE, now has a cover. Want to see? SURE YOU DO. Pretty cool, eh? It’s the most explodey cover yet, which is cool because it also has the most explosions of any Frontlines book so far. FIELDS OF FIRE will be out on February 28, by the way. Tell your friends, […]

the old ways and the new.

  This is a picture of long-handing it on an iPad Pro. It seems excessive and wasteful to use a $1,000 tablet as an electronic legal pad, but I’m very much digging the advantages it has over paper. You don’t have to drag around multiple notebooks, you have an endless supply of paper of whatever […]

terms in polish.

I don’t know if they used stock art or commissioned this for the book, but the cover art for the Polish edition of TERMS OF ENLISTMENT is something else. It’s probably my favorite piece of cover art of all the versions of the book so far. Here it is without the cover text: And here’s […]

WorldCon recap.

I’m on the plane back from MidAmericon II, the 74th Worldcon, in Kansas City. Some cons are great, some are so-so, some are…not that good. But Worldcon is the main event of our genre, the big Annual Nerd Prom, where most everyone gathers regardless of what other regional cons they attend. I went with a […]