There’s a new Wild Cards story up at, “Evernight” by Victor Milán.  This is a bitter-sweet thing because Victor Milán passed away yesterday. I understand that Victor was practically the father of Wild Cards (he’s the one who gave Read more…

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fountain pens.

Analog manuscript

Found these again while straightening out the office bookshelf: That’s the handwritten manuscript for LINES OF DEPARTURE. The finished version filled two 192-page large (A4) sized Piccadilly notebooks. And because I am a pen nerd, I remember which pens I Read more…

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Continuity errors in POINTS OF IMPACT

POINTS OF IMPACT is out and doing well. As always, some oopsies made it through the entire editorial process past a dozen sets of eyeballs. And as always, I started getting Tweets and emails about continuity bloopers not 24 hours after the book hit the virtual shelves. Thanks to all to took the time to write and point them out. I shall now address them so they're all in one spot for easy future reference. MINOR SPOILERS FOR "POINTS OF IMPACT" FOLLOW: (more…)

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Low Chicago

So I have something pretty wicked to show you today. Remember how I mentioned that my first Wild Cards novella in the U.S. will be out in June as part of a novel called LOW CHICAGO? Well, the final cover Read more…

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