new mexico.

I just got back from New Mexico, where I spent three days visiting friends and attending some fun Wild Cards events. The first was an “in-character” interview done for the audience at the Jean Cocteau Cinema. Due to the fact that I got into Albuquerque a little late, I got to the theater halfway through […]

wild cards in santa fe. 

So there’s this thing at George R.R. Martin’s Cocteau Cinema next Sunday. There will be nineteen Wild Cards authors, old and new, for a fun little event with a signing session afterwards. You can read the details on GRRM’s not-a-blog here.  I’ll be there as well to represent the Junior Woodchuck contingent of the Wild […]

worldcon and wild cards.

I’ll be in Kansas City for MidAmericon II, the 2016 Worldcon, in a little over a month. I’m not on any official programming, but there are two events I’ll be joining: the Wild Cards signing on Friday, August 19th from 5-8pm, and a Wild Cards panel on Saturday, August 20, from 3-5. We’ll be doing […]

a wild blog update appears!

If I’m less active on social media at the moment, it’s because I am finishing up FIELDS OF FIRE, Frontlines #5, for delivery to my publisher. (FIELDS OF FIRE already has a pre-order page if you want to put your order in early, but be aware that the delivery date is provisional and can change.) […]

frontlines: the cocktail.

Just in time for the upcoming Manticon (where I will be Guest of Honor), I present to you the first Frontlines-themed cocktail: the Shockfrost. Those of you who have read ANGLES OF ATTACK will know that the Shockfrost is featured in the novel as the specialty of the bars on the ice moon New Svalbard, […]

frontlines kindle sale.

The first three books in the Frontlines series, which are (chronologically) TERMS OF ENLISTMENT, LINES OF DEPARTURE, and ANGLES OF ATTACK, are currently on sale in the Kindle store for a measly $1.99 a pop. If you’ve been wanting to check out the series, here’s your chance to pick up the first three books for […]

Chains of Command

It’s that day again, friends and neighbors–book release day! CHAINS OF COMMAND, the fourth novel in the Frontlines series, is now available for IMMEDIATE PURCHASENINGS in Kindle, dead tree, and unabridged audio format: CHAINS OF COMMAND takes place roughly a year after the events of ANGLES OF ATTACK. With humanity up against the […]

e-arcs for CHAINS OF COMMAND are live.

If you would like an early electronic review copy of CHAINS OF COMMAND, the NetGalley link for downloads is now live here. Go download it, read it, review it, and revel in the knowledge that you get to have access to the fourth Frontlines novel almost a month before release. DON’T EVER SAY I NEVER […]