MidAmericon II, the 74th Worldcon, seems to be almost upon us. I’ll be in Kansas City next week for the event, armed with a credit card and a light convention schedule.

There are two Wild Cards-related events I’ll be attending as a panelist/signing author. One is the big Wild Cards signing at Rainy Day Books on Friday, August 19th at 5pm. It’s a public event off the convention floor, so you won’t need a WorldCon membership to attend.

The other event is the Wild Cards cage match panel on Saturday, August 20, on the Tucker Stage (3501A) from 3-5pm. GRRM will be moderating as we (as our characters) will engage in a fictional battle until my awesome charact…uh, until the best character emerges as the victor.

Other than that, my schedule is wide open, and I intend to meet up with as many old and new friends as I can. If you are going to Worldcon and see me out and about on the convention floor, come say hello!

Worldcon will mark my second-to-last con attendance this year. The other con on my schedule is Honorcon in Raleigh (October 28-30 in Raleigh, NC), where I’m not officially on the roster as a guest, but I’ll be on a few panels nonetheless.

I was going to cut down a bit on travel in 2016, but in the end, it turned out almost as busy as 2015. It seems that my calendar fills up much more quickly these days.


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Carl Rumbolo · August 12, 2016 at 3:29 pm

Will look for you in Honorcon – !

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