terms of enlistment.


The year is 2108, and the North American Commonwealth is bursting at the seams. For welfare rats like Andrew Grayson, there are only two ways out of the crime-ridden and filthy welfare tenements, where you’re restricted to 2,000 calories of badly flavored soy every day. You can hope to win the lottery and draw a ticket on a colony ship settling off-world, or you can join the service.

Andrew chooses to enlist in the armed forces of the North American Commonwealth, for a shot at real food, a retirement bonus, and maybe a ticket off Earth. But as he starts a career of supposed privilege, he soon learns that the good food and decent health care come at a steep price…and that the settled galaxy holds far greater dangers than military bureaucrats or angry welfare rats with guns.


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  1. I am always surprised at people who think actors and writers just a spring out of the void without realizing the years of work that they go through to hone their craft. This is a really nice piece of work with a good main character development. I noticed that in some reviews that the transition you used to move from part 1 to part 2 was not belivable. In the real military it is not that hard to change career fields or even change branches of the military service and it doesn’t take blowing up things for this to happen. On the other hand, this is sci fi in the future where people fight to get in the military and not to stay out of it. Thanks for taking the plung into self publishing. You did a great job.

  2. Just finished the book. I really enjoyed it, but what happened to the scene where Andrew tells Halley about his time in the TA?

    Looking forward to the next installment.

  3. Marko – I was highly impressed with this book! I do hope that you signing up a literary agent means there will be more to come soon!

    Keep up the good work

  4. Thank you Amazon suggested reading list! Just finished Terms of Enlistment, and I am impressed, Mr. Kloos. Impressed enough to seek out any other works by you, where I found your short story on BCS and the link here. Your writing is straight forward, fast paced and wonderfully void of long winded semi-believable attempts to justify and explain all the new technology and social structures. We learn along with the story line and characters, and the characters have believable emotions that are not over or under played. I rarely get that “edge of my seat” anxiety reading a book, like the feeling I get when watching an action movie, but this book definitely did it I read it in 4 hours flat, couldn’t put it down. Your writing style reminds me of Hugh Howey, the best author of any genre I’ve read in a very long time. Now the trouble will be waiting for you to publish something else!

  5. Outstanding book! just had to give my feedback as i read the entire thing in one epic sitting…i can’t wait for more!

  6. Amazon served you up to me based on my reading preferences. Holy shit! It did a good job. I hope you’re young, you need to stick around for the next 30 years or so churning out books like this.

  7. Just finished the book. I concur with the other commenters, the no nonsense, first person present tense narration and lack of going off on a tangent to explain makes it hard to put down. I eagerly await the second installment.

  8. I just downloaded “Terms of Enlistment” to my Kindle Fire. I actually came upon the book by accident, and I am looking forward to getting reading the book. The synopsis sounds great, and I hope to loose myself in it!

  9. Marko, What a great book. Being prior military myself you really pulled out some old memories for me esp with andrew going through basic training and getting PT’d to complete exhaustion. Keep em comimg

  10. The Kindle sample got me hooked, so I bought the book and devoured it. Then I bought “Lucky Thirteen” and read that in one sitting. More, please! “Terms of Enlistment” is topnotch military SF. If it were a paper-and-ink book, I would shelve it next to “Starship Troopers,” “The Forever War,” and “Old Man’s War.”

  11. Completed reading “Terms” on Kindle and encountered problems going to the last page. After an hour on line and phone with two help desks, they gave me the free app to read on my computer. Turns out the error message was blocking “-The End-” and any contact info.
    Please write a sequeal!
    “Starship Troopers” (not the movie) was written by a member of the ‘greatest generation’. You could see his respect for fallen comrades from WWII. Your book comes the closest to that high standard!
    R. Klingman

  12. Ditto, write more. Quit wasting time bloging. Why do I always find new authors without a large catalog, oh why? Lucky was great but too short!

  13. I know I’ve already posted, but I just have to say I’ve enjoyed both the book and the short story. You are right up there with Larry Correia, in my humble estimation. I hope you both keep churning out the good stuff early and often!

  14. Amazon suggested a read. I read a sample. Then purchased the book. Enjoyed it tremendously. Now I want to encourage you in writing more. A new fan.

  15. I’ve read plenty of self-published mil-sci authors via Kindle, and being former military, I can usually tell the difference between those who walked the walk and those who didn’t (or at least those who at least did some research before they started writing).

    You sir either walked the walk or really did a spot on job of your research, because you were spot on with a lot of the feel and jargon. Well done!

    Can’t wait for the next installment? Did I read I (we) have to wait until Jan ’14???? Say it’s not so!

  16. just finished the book and I liked it, I did ten years in the navy and as a dirt sailor, and man did you hit the spot, cant wait till the next book comes out.

  17. I’ve read just about everything science fiction and I have to say your character development is right up there with the best. I have been a designer/ illustrator for 10 years and would love to do a test project for consideration for a future novel. I have been designing for a few pro sports teams but have had science fiction illustration on the brain for months. Check out my work at brianhammons.blogspot.com

    Can’t wait till your sequel comes out!


  18. Hi Marko,
    I just blasted through both your books and am now crest fallen that I have to wait for the third. At the serious risk of sounding like a spoiled reader, I don’t suppose you could write faster?

    I enjoyed myself thoroughly. Thanks!


  19. Have you checked out the related short stories/novellas? It will give you a little something more while we wait for his next full-length offering.

  20. Mr. Kloos,

    Great stories and shorts – keep it up! I know it’s a lot of work to write well, and I appreciate what you’ve done to date. I look forward to more, as soon as you can publish it!

  21. Enjoyed the first book and will pick up the second shortly. Had a little of the flavour of Jerry Pournelle’s Mercenary series. Ill spread the good word

  22. Great books. I just finished the series and loved them. My kindle had the advertisement for the first book as my screensaver and I gave the free sample a try and was hooked. Instead of some ultra-futuristic weapons, your ultimate solution was creative and understandable by anyone who has dropped a bowling ball in one of those physics 101 problems.

  23. Not having school to deal with anymore, I finally got around to reading Terms of Enlistment (which I’ve owned as soon as it was available in paperback), loved it. Among other things, I liked how your boot camp scenes don’t come across as the same, tired “I was never in the military but I did rewatch Full Metal Jacket last night” crap. You threw in little bits of detail that were totally authentic, though it was jarring whenever a character saluted a higher ranking NCO and called them “sir” or “ma’am.” I don’t know how the German army works but in the states we call our senior enlisted by their ranks and save the sirring and saluting for commissioned officers.

  24. Wow. This is one of the best books of any genre that I’ve read in the past two years. The characters were interesting, there was a little more going on message-wise than your average shoot ’em up thriller, and it managed to tread the thin line between sterile, staged science fiction writing where tactical situations seem kind of contrived and full on Halo esque sole survivor grimdarkery. Definitely enjoying book 2 as well.

  25. So I’m at my book club last night, where we’re picking books for the next six-eight months or so. Someone said: “Gee, we haven’t read any science fiction in a long time.”

    I said: “I know of a new author who is writing good old-school science fiction.”

    And with that, about a dozen women are going to read Terms of Enlistment this winter….

  26. Hurry up Boss Man, I’m deployed waiting on your third & fourth book… I have already pre-ordered the third. I understand that you gave a timeline but that’s not good enough. Just kidding, take your time so that way it is better than the last. Also, I just wanted to say that your series has really turned out great. I don’t even like to read. Other than reading what I had to during school, I believe I have only read 6 books out of my own free will. But, yours I found in a box that was donated to soldiers from some organization. I picked it up and read it in a week. That doesn’t happen so great job. Also, we want T-Shirts of themes described in “Terms of Enlistment” and “Lines of Departure”. Make it happen Captain.

  27. I’m sorry to hear that you are withdrawing, but understand why you feel that way. I had already made up my mind to read all of the nominated stories and then vote based on quality, not some perceived political POV. Even though you have withdrawn, I am about to purchase your book, to enjoy what I am sure will be an excellent story.

  28. Marko, all I can say is WOW. As a former soldier (Army, Field Artillery Captain) I loved how you captured the life of a soldier, took me back to the sights and sounds of many years ago. My all time fave sci-fi novel has been – ‘Starship Troopers’ of course, you have made another great entry into the military sci-fi series, without being derivative. My eldest son has been devouring all the sci-fi books I recommend or give to him, this one will go to him and I know he will love. Looking forward to reading the sequels, will be picking up soon!

  29. I picked this on up on Kindle after months of Amazon recommendations, and am not sorry for it. (Although I should have waited for the weekend. But then, sleep is way overrated.)

    I did find a few nits to pick here and there, particularly regarding the characters experience of gravity as they entered and left a gravity well. If there is artificial gravity, I would not expect there to be any change in perceived gravity as a shuttle climbs to orbit, enters orbit, etc. If there is no artificial gravity, then acceleration = gravity. Perceived gravity will not start or stop when you enter or leave the atmosphere. Instead it’s going to be related to acceleration/deceleration/course changes along the way.

    Maybe I’m too picky, but every time this happened it was like a slap up side the head with a large fish.

    That aside, I really, really enjoyed both Terms of Enlistment and Lines of Departure and am looking forward to Angles of Attack!

  30. I just read Terms of Enlistment. You nailed boot camp and the military. Even if this book was a liitle vanilla for military sci-fi, it hits things so well that I’ll buy anything you put out from here on…just wish I was in the future where I could buy 10 more books before waiting on the next. I’m sure everyond published in this genere knows the greats, but if you gaven’t caught Dietz pick him up…and Tim Zahn is spectacular ag getting the sci. right…there were points where you could delve into hiw there was atmosphere w no o2 that certainly can happen but needs fleshing out for us science geeks. At any rate, u picked up another reader for life jyst on the military facts. Thanks for a quick 2-day read…I really couldb’t put this down…sorta nostalgic in a way.

    –Eric Bliss

  31. It would be amazing if this book was turned into a movie or anime. If I had the skills, I’d make it myself!

  32. I just finished book 5, and I am so excited for book 6. I was in the military, and so many little things in these books are so accurate with regards to military day to day life. This first book brought back warm and forgotten memories from boot camp. I will read anything Mr. Kloos puts out in the future.

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