There’s a new Wild Cards story up at, “Evernight” by Victor Milán. 

This is a bitter-sweet thing because Victor Milán passed away yesterday.

I understand that Victor was practically the father of Wild Cards (he’s the one who gave George R.R. Martin the RPG Superworld for his birthday, which inspired George to start Wild Cards.) I did not get to meet Victor because I only joined the Wild Cards consortium two years ago and haven’t had many chances to meet everybody in real life (it’s a huge group, and a lot of its members live out west, where I am not), and now I’m sad that I won’t get a chance to know him in person. I have a copy of Victor’s book The Dinosaur Lords on my Kindle, but I hadn’t gotten around to reading it yet. Now I’ll have to bump it to the top of the reading list.

It’s a strange thing, the human condition…it can make you feel kinship with people you’ve never met, and sorrow at the news of their passing even though you’ve never talked to them.


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