frontlines kindle sale.

Oh, hey–it’s February. That means the release of FIELDS OF FIRE is just a few weeks away.

Crazy Jeff over at the Electronic Books Emporium has discounted all four books of the Frontlines series so far to a dollar each on the Kindle. If you still need to complete your set, or you want to get a friend hooked on some Space Kablooie, this would be a good time to do so. Because FOUR DOLLARS for the whole series! That’s cheaper than a Happy Meal, with far less sodium and without the crummy toy that usually ends up under the seat in the minivan anyway.



  1. Rats, I already have them.

    Good thing, too for my hard copy of “Lines of Departure” apparently has grown legs. Even the flyleaf legend readying “Stolen from the Library of” didn’t help.

  2. “Let’s just hope 2017 isn’t going to turn out in a way that will make us remember 2016 fondly…”

    So far so good. ‘Course ’16 ended pretty well.

    Won’t be easy, but good things like freedom never are.

    Depends on priorities I guess.

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